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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Do you know the feeling that you get when there are finally some days where you can sleep as long as you want to because finally you've got nothing to do the whole day? And do you also know the feeling when on these days two days in a row the phone rings at 9:30 in the morning? Yes. Wonderful.
So you wake up and run to the phone (it could be something important after all, they call you in the morning) and when you pick up the phone there's a PC-voice talking to you: "Hello. You have won. 15 000 Euro. All you have to do is call 0900...."
There's nothing else I can get so furious about than a call like that in the morning. But this time it was even worse...after a few minutes they call again (just enough time to go back to bed, cuddle yourself in and close your eyes) and the same voice begins talking again. Well, with the phones today you can't slam down the receiver anymore but I would have done it if it was possible.
Today, 9:30. The phone rings. "Hello. Yesterday I waited for your call hours and hours and nothing came (surprise surprise....). But I am pertinacious (as if I wouldn't have noticed by now) and I want you to get your prize. So please call..." I hung up and went back to bed.
9:35. The phone rings AGAIN. I can't stop myself from groaning but still I go there and pick up the phone, it could still be something important..."Hello. You have won. 15 000 Euro. All you have to do..."
I would have LOVED to talk to the people who are in charge of these telephone calls. And then I would have told them where they can thrust their 15 000 Euro-Prize in.
I hate these people!!!! You can't even swear at them because it's only a tape talking on the phone....

Sunday, April 08, 2007

El Rompido and more

Back from Spain quite a while now, university and working has soon become daily routine again. But still the shells on my desk and the pictures help me to get through exhausting days^^
The time me and Clemens went on our vacation to Spain was perfect, since there were almost no tourists there. So sometimes we had the whole huge beach just to ourselves....aaahh :-)
Our apartment was also huge and sooo nice...we had two sleeping rooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a small kitchen and a balcony. A little to big actually, but we wouldn't complain ;-)
Although it was often pretty windy, the weather was still fine and sunny and very good to go on day-trips. We've seen a lot: Sevilla, Córdoba, Portugal...Spain really is a beautiful country (and Portugal, too, of course^^)! And then the beaches....but have a look yourself...

Clemens on the cliffs

Me on Plaza de España in Sevilla

Beautiful garden of the Alcázar in Sevilla

Me in Ayamonte, a little town near Portugal.

Little ferry to "our" beach^^

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ab in die Sonne!

My dear readers,
the next two weeks, I won't be here to blog. I know now you're sad and upset (haha^^) but the reason is that I'm going on a vacation to Spain! Andalucía, in the south. Me and my boyfriend will be in a nice apartment with the beach naerby, which is long and white there...aaahh :-)
I hope now all of you are gonna be jealous ;-)

Even more, now that you've seen the picture haha^^ I'm gonna post some more when I'm back.
See you then...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

惡作劇之吻 ~ It started with a kiss

A while ago Jamie, my friend from Taiwan, lent me some DVDs with a taiwanese series on it and now that I have holidays, I have the time to watch it. It's on chinese with chinese subtitles, so I have to pause at every long sentence, because I am too slow to read the subtitles and they are talking too fast for me to understand. But anyway, it's really fun to watch! The series is called "It started with a kiss" and in fact it's really stupid haha^^
It's a kind of high-school romance. A girl from a class with not-so-intelligent students falls in love with a good-looking guy from an A-class, who doesn't have any interest in her at all. After her house got destroyed by an earthquake, she and her dad come to live with an old friend of his - who is the dad of the guy she fell in love with. So they live side by side and the guy's mom wants them to marry one day, which is definitely not what he wants. Daily routine and funny scenes unfold and although the story is not really intelligent or something like that, after a while, you just can't stop watching (this is the thing with most of the soap-operas...).
The girl, Xiangqin, is really cute, and although she is a little stupid, she is adorable^^ Zhishu, the guy she fell in love with, is also pretty good looking haha^^
If you ever have the chance to get hold of this series (and if you know a little chinese^^), you should really have a look at it. I love it!!!

(Xiang Qin and Jiang Zhishu, the two main characters)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's day

And again, it's Valentine's day. Maybe you remember that last year, I wrote about how much I hate Valentine's day. I still do, kinda, but this is the first year I have someone I can give a Valentine's day's gift to and I am also gonna receive one hehe^^
But still I think that you can also make little gifts to the person you love the whole year. You don't need a special day for that.
And what annoys me most is that every stupid shop displays a sign saying "February 14th, Valentine's day". They could also write "Come in and buy heart-shaped stuff at a ridiculously high price because it's Valentine's day". Most of the stuff is so unbelievably cheesy...
I think if you want to make a gift, you should make something yourself. At least, that's what I'm gonna do.
I guess I don't really hate the day anymore but I still hate the way it's being commercialised.
What do you think about Valentine's day?

Here's what others think.
Kinda made me laugh^^

Jazzie's book recommendations: Eragon

I am currently reading the book "Eragon" by Christopher Paolini. It is a book about the young boy Eragon who finds a dragon egg and becomes entangled into an ancient story about Dragon Riders. And before he even notices, he is part of a big adventure and near to death more often than he had ever expected. With an old man from his village, who has a lot of secrets, Eragon begins his journey to take revenge and to fight the Empire.

The book is really exciting and once you start reading, it is hard for you to stop. Everything is more or less realistically written, so you don't think twice about upcoming dragons and monsters, it just seems natural that they're there. What I also like is that there is a map of the country Eragon lives in on the first two pages. It makes it easier to imagine his journey.

If you would like to read a book about a foreign world and if you like fantasy, you should really have a look at "Eragon".

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Experiences in China: Episode 2 ~ Peking is a village

Today, my friend Tanja, Klaas (another friend) and I began to look around for shopping areas in the city. He had discovered an old street with many little shops, the Dazhalanjie.
Pretty shabby there (the toilet in on of the hostels I used there was the most disgusting
toilet I have ever used in my entire life), but everything was really cheap. First of all we bought loads of CDs (for around 2 Euro each) and then we were lead by the shop-owner into a weird alley; "we've got more stuff there". His assistant unlocked a metal-door, put some curtains aside and pointed on many many illegal burned DVDs. As she locked the door behind us we began to feel a little funny but the DVDs were too seductive^^ And so cheap! Afterwards we found a very different kind of shopping on the Wangfujinjie. Huge, sparkling malls and bookstores which were also huge and sold every kind of books and CDs you could imagine. Peking began to be fun.
And despite these huge buildings and large roads (where 5-7 cars could drive next to each other) Klara, Niki and Clemens managed to spot us in the middle of the road, on their bikes (on the bike through Peking - typically Klara)! Haha^^ The world is a village. They stayed in a different Youth-Hostel and had different plans for the day, so we made plans with them for the next day and went back to our hostel.
Going back with the bus we created our sentence of the day. A man with glasses, about 30 years old, permanently stared at Tanja in a way that at first it was really amusing and then it began to get really annoying.
In the evening we ate some Jiaozi (something like chinese Ravioli), with which I had also
begun the day. And then the bed began to cry for me...

Sentence of the day:

"D'you like what you see?!"
- No, we didn't really say that but that guy's face would have
been wonderful haha^^

Way too hot...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Experiences in China: Episode 1 ~ First impressions

This year I spent 6 weeks with some friends (mostly with my friend Tanja) in China. Here are some of my experiences, from my Traveller's Diary:

21.08.2006 Peking
After a 9 hour flight (I was already fed up with flying after one hour)  and a pretty long Taxi-Drive (with a lot of honking through the Chaos) we arrived in a Youth Hostel in a country, where people talk rapidly all the time, stare at you openly (either interested or hostile) and comment on your poor chinese
talking with a happily "wow, your chinese is really good!" (holy cow, I only said 3 words...). Fascinating.
Everything is pretty chaotic, dusty and...well..."ugly" would be mean but it kinda fits - but I like it!!!
The total Helplessness that overcomes you facing the masses of chinese characters (you haven't learned yet) is a little annoying sometimes, but you find your way through in the end. And when you peacefully eat your well-known McDonald's menu, the staring doesn't even bother you anymore.
And the park around the corner is kinda beautiful (although the buildings are pretty dusty).

Sentences of the day:
"What the..."
"I feel like the people here are lying to me" (concerning the comments on our chinese...)

Today was a "look-at-culture-and-pretend-to-be-a-diligent-and-interested-sinology-student-day". Well, more or less. Me and Tanja went through the Forbidden City and found out that all
of the buildings look more or less the same. And, that the Chinese are not only weird, but can
also be annoying. Three times people absolutely wanted to take a picture with us (e.g. a group of
crazy youths). We are like SO great...
And the people with their stupid "Mongolian Art Exhibition" were also really annoying. They talked to you like hours until you finally knew what they wanted...man, they got on my nerves...
All in all, everything is rather beautiful but not really impressive somehow. But the Jingshan Park behind was really nice and you had a wonderful view. The best were the souvenir-shops there! Tanja and I got 4 chinese paintings for 20 Euro! We couldn't believe it...we had thought it was the price for one (and thought it was cheap) but it was the price for four!
The Beihai-Park was also really nice but the way back was SO LONG...and we had to go past a guarded military area. The policemen are really scary there. Stare at you in such a hostile way...
Thanks to the city-map we found the way back and could give our hurting feet a rest.

Sentences of the day (most of them we only thought):
Would you please...
- go home. (really way too many people here)
- dress your children better. (most infants in China wear pants with a hole at the bottom, so that they can pee whenever they want to and don't need diapers. Pretty gross...)
- stop annoying us with your stupid Mongolian Art Exhibition
- "My sister/friend/etc wants to take a picture with you" and again some grinning Chinese put their arm around you for the picture...

The good thing in China is that you can talk in german all the time (about them) and they don't understand a thing. Can be pretty funny sometimes^^